The 68th Infrastructure Planning Conference (Autumn, 2023)

November 24th – 26th,  2023 @ Tokyo Metropolitan University


About Us

The Committee of Infrastructure Planning and Management (IP) was established in 1966 as one of the Research and Studies Committees of Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE). The mission of the IP is to contribute to developing better society through promoting the research about infrastructure planning and management in the civil engineering field.

Roads and railroads, ports and airports, water supply and sewage, parks, dams, and levees. . . These are essential facilities for us to live safe, secure, richer and more comfortable. Civil engineering science is the academic system that studies philosophies, methods, and procedures to develop and operate these infrastructures that support our daily lives, aiming to realize a better society.

It takes a long time and a lot of money to improve the infrastructure. Also, large facilities will affect various people and nature. Therefore, even though the social infrastructure aims to realize a better society, it is necessary to adjust the interests of affected people and organizations in advance before actual development. The blueprint resulting from this adjustment is “plan”, and civil engineering studies are also studying the “way of making” of the plan and the “philosophy” that the plan should have.

The social infrastructure consists of various facilities. Also, its maintenance and operation methods are diverse. For this reason, civil engineering studies are conducting various researchers in a wide range of fields. In this committee, we will study various fields of civil engineering such as “movement of people/things”, “area development”, “disaster prevention”, “environment”, “policy” and many other.

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