The Future of Urban Transportation in Cairo-the Opportunity and Challenge

Title: The Future of Urban Transportation in Cairo- the Opportunity and

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Ahmed I. Mosa, Professor of Transportation planning, The German University in Cairo & the British University in Cairo, Co- Founder and Managing Director of MASARAT consultancy

Cairo is the 10th largest metropolis in the world with population reached 20 million and around 28 million trips/ year. Despite the high congestion in Egypt, the private car ownership rate actually remains among the lowest worldwide at approximately 50 cars per 1000 inhabitant. Even at the level of Greater Cairo Region (GCR), the most congested urban agglomerate, the rate has only recently reached approx. 100 cars/1000 inhabitants, yet it continues to rise. With regards to formal sector bus services, they have suffered an erosion of market share. Currently, around 2700 buses are working in Cairo; nearly 50% of the fleets are beyond residual life. The informal sector on the other hand (predominantly microbuses), on the other hand, appear to have achieved a very strong role in terms of road-based public transport services absorbing near 8.1 million journeys per day at present. Existing mobility systems in Cairo are close to breakdown. In 2015, the average time an urban dweller spends in traffic jams recorded 300 hours per year, three times more than the Figure in 2010. The cost of Congestion is estimated at 8 Billion $US/ Year, only in Greater Cairo Area. Delivering urban mobility will require more and more resources. Growth in urban travel needs is fast outpacing the evelopment of transport infrastructure, the need of the hour is to identify business strategies that enable sustainable integrated urban mobility. Therefore, a new economic landscape is needed to provide stakeholders with an array of opportunities to exploit, in the quest towards integrated mobility.

About a speaker:
Dr. Mosa is the co-founder of MASARAT Consultancy Company that focuses on transportation, mobility, market research and investment platform. Dr. Mosa worked as the director of UITP MENA Center for Transport Excellence in Dubai where he oversees various research projects on various topics related to sustainable public transport. Mosa received a Master’s of Science and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Transportation Engineering from the University of Tokyo-Japan. As a Professor of transportation planning at the German University in Cairo, Nile University and the British university In Cairo, Mosa taught courses related to traffic engineering and transportation and participated in curriculum development and other special committees. Also before joining the UITP, he worked as the assistant to the Minister of Transportation in Egypt, and he is the founder of the Transportation Center
of Excellence at the Ministry of Transport in Egypt. Mosa established the center, supervising a team of researchers, and maintaining international and local relations with organizations and institutes such as JICA, World Bank and AFD. He was responsible for reviewing and updating the existing transportation models for Cairo (CREATS Transport model) and Egypt (MINITS) and developing transportation plans on the national, regional, international and cross-borders level including work on Egypt’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems and the master plans for Greater Cairo Region, national freeways road network and logistic centers. Dr. Mosa has over 16 years of experience that combine research/academic knowledge and practical experience. He won several awards, as well as authored and co- authored more than 40 papers in leading journals, conferences/workshops presentations and technical reports.