7th International BinN Seminar

Titles: Recent developments and new Behaviour Models and Advanced Observations
Organized by Daisuke FUKUDA (Tokyo Tech) and Yuki OYAMA (UT)
Guest Discusser: Moshe Ben-Akiva (MIT)
International BinN Seminar`s Aims:
We aim to serve as a research forum that brings together professionals from a wide range of disciplines interested in the study that influence activity and travel choices in networks, the formulation of new computational and analytical modeling methods and approaches for forecasting activity-travel demand, and the analysis of the land use and transportation impacts of a wide range of socio-economic, public urban policy, and new mobility services as automated vehicles and sharing.
Sunday 25 September, 1300-1430, Room 15 of Building 1 at University of Tokyo
Dr. Toru, SEO (Tokyo Tech Institute)
Automated and Adaptive Activity-Travel Survey using Online Interaction with Travelers
Dr. Junji, URATA (Kobe University)
Modelling of Tsunami evacuation behavior accounting for dynamics of heterogeneity in expected utility
Ph.D. Candidate, Yuki, OYAMA (University of Tokyo)
Structural estimation for a route choice model with uncertain measurement
Discusser: Toshiyuki YAMAMOTO(Nagoya Univ.), Giancarlos TRONCOSO(UT), Arnab JANA(IIT Bombei), Makoto CHIKARAISHI(Hiroshima Univ.), Takamasa IRYO(Kobe Univ.), Takuya MARUYAMA(Kumamoto Univ.), Kuniaki SASAKI(Yamanashi Univ.), Shinya KURAUCHI(Ehime Univ.), Hideki YAGINUMA(UTS), Yusukue HARA(Tohoku Univ.), Eiji HATO (UT)