京都大学桂キャンパスCクラスター 314号室

#26 第3回「安寧の都市ユニット」公開セミナー

第3回 「安寧の都市ユニット」公開セミナー

題目:Active Transport and Health
日時:2010年6月30日 16時~18時
場所:京都大学桂キャンパスCクラスター 314号室
講師:Dr. Russell G. Thompson (Monash University)


A substantial and growing proportion of people in developed countries are overweight or obese. Personal physical activity protects against weight gain and obesity. Personal physical inactivity has been linked to a number of common and increasing prevalent health problems such as cardiovascular disease and a number of chronic diseases such as cancer (colon and breast), diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis and depression. This seminar will outline a number of modelling and monitoring research projects aimed at promoting active transport.
Methods for providing information to travellers such as an, “Active Transport Journey Planner” (with multi-modal options) and an active transport guidance service (including monitoring, route planning, parking and maintenance) will be outlined. Procedures for monitoring personal physical activity from active transport (using GPS and accelerometers) will be described.
Details of how to measure the contribution of active transport to the liveability of cities (including walkability and accessibility) as well as the link between urban ecology and active transport (behavioural change modelling) will be presented. Case studies from Melbourne’s bike-sharing scheme (such as the optimal location and sizing of stations and redistribution of bikes) and bike-lane planning and design in Melbourne’s suburbs (using a bi-level optimisation model) will also be presented.