International Seminar "Refugees and Migrants in the International Society with Disasters"

We will hold an international seminar at the 4th annual symposium of the URBAN Re-DESIGN STUDIES UNIT on Nov. 26, 2022. The seminar will be held in English, and we welcome international students and researchers. You can join it online or onsite (Hongo Campus, the University of Tokyo). Please take a look at the following for more details.

Seminar theme: Refugees and Migrants in the International Society with Disasters

Seminar website:

Date and Time: 15:35-17:00 (JST) on November 26 (Saturday), 2022

Seminar Objective:
As the SDG slogan “Leave no one behind” suggests, it is crucial to ensure that no one is left behind, even minorities, during the disaster relief and recovery phases. This seminar will focus on those who may be vulnerable due to cultural and religious differences: migrants and refugees. This seminar aims to share examples of post-disaster issues, support, and recovery efforts for immigrants and refugees in Japan and abroad. Since internationalization is expected to progress further, this seminar will provide an opportunity to consider the challenges that may arise from future disasters in Japan, and the support and reconstruction that will contribute to reducing these challenges.

1. Mohammad Moinuddin (Osaka University)
Title: Potential of foreign nationals during disasters: with reference to two mosques in Osaka, Japan
He will talk about the disaster relief activities of Islamic mosques, the daily activity hubs for foreign residents in Japan.

2. Miko Maekawa (Sasakawa Peace Foundation)
Title: TBD
She will talk about environmental migrants in Pacific Island countries.

3. Mio Sato (International Organization for Migration)
Title: TBD
She will talk about Afghan refugees in Pakistan and the relief efforts toward them.

Coordinators: Hitomu Kotani (Kyoto University) and Riki Honda (University of Tokyo)

Language: English

Fee: Free

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If you have any questions, please contact the coordinator: Dr. Hitomu Kotani (