東京海洋大学 品川キャンパス 白鷹館1階

The Future of Transportation in Eastern Asia at the era of MaaS and Big Data「MaaS・ビッグデータ時代のアジアの交通を考える」

The emergence of diverse services, such as MaaS, Bigdata, Sharing mobility, AI, and Auto-Drive, with new technologies indicates a major turning point in the transportation field.

There is great interest in the development of new technologies in Asia in the future.

EASTS invites young transportation researchers and tries to discuss the future of transportation in Asia.

Date: 10th, July, 2019

Venue: Hakuyo Hall, Shinagawa Campus, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (東京海洋大学・品川キャンパス 白鷹館)


13:00-13:10  Opening remarks by Tetsuro Hyodo, Treasurer of EASTS

13:10-14:00  Keynote Speech “Big data for Transportation Survey and Planning” by Jaehak Oh, Chair of EASTS ISC, President of Korean Institute of Transport

14:00-14:25  “Current issue and future challenge of shared mobility in Australia” by Meng Li (Australia)

14:25-14:50  “User Perception on Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Based Mobility-on-Demand (MOD) Services in Singapore” by Ghim Ping Ong (Singapore)

15:05-15:30  “Road Traffic Safety Challenges and Opportunities in Taiwan” by Kun-Feng Wu (Taiwan)

15:30-15:55  “MaaS: a path for creating MaaS in Bangkok” by Sorawit Narupiti (Thailand)

16:00-17:30  Panel Discussion “Future of Transportation in Eastern Asia”

Coordinator: Shinya Hanaoka, Deputy Secretary General of EASTS

Panelist:  Yulong Pei (China)

Tri Tjahjono (Indonesia)

Sungwon Lee (Korea)

Nguyen Hoang Tung (Vietnam)

Karl B. N. Vergel (Philippines)

17:30-17:45  Closing remarks by Tetsuo Yai, President of EASTS

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