In this seminar, a Land Use Transport Integrated Micro-Simulation (LUTI-MS) model is explained by the developer team from Technical University of Munich, and its application to the SDGs assessment is discussed with participants.
SDGs can be assessed based on the observed indices corresponding to the targets. Those indices have inter-relationship each other that have to be taken into account for the effective policy making to achieve the SDGs. Furthermore, the SDGs agenda pledges to “leave no one behind”. Therefore analysis of interrelationship among the various targets as well as the wide variety of impacts on diverse individuals, not the average impact, will be needed.
Microsimulation can be a suitable approach for these analytical requirements.
In this seminar, we discuss the applicability of LUTI-MS model to the SDGs target assessment especially for the targets related with urban transportation.
Through this discussion, we intend to create useful knowledge for future SDGs research in the urban transport field.

17:00-17:10 Introduction (Kii, Kagawa University)
17:10-17:30 LUTI-MS model framework (Prof. Dr. Rolf Moeckel, TUM)
17:30-18:00 Components of LUTI-MS model: MatSim/MITO/SILO
(Dr. Moreno, Dr. Lorca, Mr. Kühnel, TUM)
18:00-18:20 SDGs targets and applicability of LUTI-MS model(Kii)
18:20-19:00 Discussion