June 9th – June 10th,  2018


@ Tokyo Institute of Technology

57th JSCE Spring Conference  Overview

The council of JSCE conference will hold the 57th JSCE conference (spring session) according to the overview described below.

Date: June 9th (Saturday), 10th (Sunday) 2018

Location:   Tokyo Institute of Technology (Ookayama Campus)


  • Project development department. Special session (SS) department.

The project development department will invite the organizer who will set the project theme, under which the theses will be collected from the public, and they will give oral presentations or presentations using posters. The SS department will be sponsored by the existing subcommittee as a rule, and hold a session centered around research discussions/exchange of opinions, bringing it to a total of 12 sessions at the conference. Furthermore, there will be a maximum of 10 parallel sessions by the project development department and SS department.


  • Schedule

○Project Development Department

Registration of overview and thesis subject of prospective presenters 12/8 2017 (Friday) ~2018 2/2 (Friday) [Finished]

・List of project development department session here

・Project development thesis submission page here

Acceptance period by the organizer 2/16 2018 (Friday) ~3/9 2018 (Friday)

Thesis submission until 4/27 2018 (Friday) noon

○Special session (SS) department

Decision of presenter until 3/9 2018 (Friday)


  • Procedure of project development department hereafter

Prospective presenter:

Step 1. Through HP ( specify the first session of choice and submit thesis presentation. Thereafter, the result of thesis presentation acceptance will be announced from the office to the prospective presenters.

Step 2. In the case of having the presentation selected, submit the thesis via the Web by the deadline.

Please note that depending on the presentation acceptance, there is a possibility that the applicant will be asked to cancel the presentation registration or give a presentation as other than the first preferred session.



Through the Web (the URL, password, etc. will be sent via mail thereafter)  the presentation overview will be checked and the presentation acceptance will be decided on. The acceptance will take place from 2/16 (Friday) to 3/9 (Friday) 17:00.

※Number of sessions for themes concerning the project development thesis department will be decided at the spring session subcommittee.

Where there are many presentation theses, schedule will be managed through the use of such things as poster sessions. The requirement for setting up a session is that there are more than 5 presentation theses, and when the number of presentation applicants per thesis is under 5, that theme will as a rule be abolished. However, when the organizer of another project development thesis department adjusts and joins together themes, it shall not be obstructed.


  • JSCE thesis collection D3 (infrastructure planning and management) On the submission qualification for special issue

Out of the theses that were submitted by the deadline to the project development department, it is to be written accordingly to the format following the submission rules of JSCE thesis collection D3 (English abstract is optional), and for theses exceeding 2 pages will be regarded as theses to be published through JSCE research and lecture collection, and will be qualified to submit to JSCE thesis collection D3 (JSCE) special issue (referred henceforth as special issue). Drafts that are not written in accordance with the stipulated format, such as drafts submitted only with thesis title and abstract and without the main body, will be judged by the spring conference subcommittee to not be included in the JSCE research and lecture collection. Please be warned that in such cases, qualification for submission to the JSCE thesis collection D3 (JSCE) special issue will not be given. However, even if the submitted thesis does not qualify for submission to the special issue, it is still possible to present at the the project development department session. Furthermore, theses not presented at the spring conference in spite of having been submitted, and theses submitted to the SS department, will not be qualified for submission to the special issue. For more details please visit the JSCE homepage.


On thesis submission fee

The submission fee for the project development conference (including participation fee) is 12,000 yen per 1 lecture, 9,000 yen for students. 10,000 yen (not including participation fee)  per session for SS department. Cancellation after the acceptance decision by the organizer (3/9 2018 (friday)) will not be allowed. Even in the case of declining to present (lecture), you will be charged the presentation submission fee.


Contact regarding spring conference

JSCE Subcommittee Spring Conference