An International Workshop on Young People’s Life Choices and Travel Behavior

Our subcommittee organized this international workshop at the 95th Annual Meeting of Transportation Research Board, Washington D.C. (The Walter E. Washington Convention Center), January 10-14, 2016.

    Junyi Zhang & Makoto Chikaraishi, Hiroshima University
    Abolfazl Mohammadian, University of Illinois
1. Setting the Stage
      Abolfazl Mohammadian, University of Illinois, Chicago
2. How Typical is the Stereotype? An Analysis of the Travel Attitudes and Behavior of California Millennials
      Patricia Mokhtarian, Georgia Institute of Tech (Georgia Tech)
3. I’m too old for this: technology engagement and cohort effects in forecasting activity and travel choices
      Hani Mahmassani, Northwestern University
4. Revisiting Young People’s Behavior Based on the Life-oriented Approach
      Junyi Zhang & Makoto Chikaraishi, Hiroshima University
5. Moderated Discussion
Details (a discussion paper and a workshop report: downloadable): here