International Workshop on the Life-oriented Approach for Transportation Studies

Our subcommittee organized this international workshop at the IATBR’2015 Conference, Windsor, UK, July 19-23, 2015. The program is shown as follows:

July 20 (Monday), 16:00 ~ 18:00

(1) 16:00~16:10  Introduction of the workshop

Prof. Junyi ZHANG, Hiroshima University

(2) 16:10~16:40  Keynote Speech: Consumption and happiness

Prof. Ruut VEENHOVEN, Emeritus Professor of Erasmus University Rotterdam; Director of the World Database of Happiness and a founding editor of the Journal of Happiness Studies

(3) 16:40~16:50     Discussion on the Keynote Speech

Assoc. Prof. Dick ETTEMA, Utrecht University

(4) 16:50~17:10  Raising Big Questions (1): Lifestyle based activity-travel behavior analysis

Assis. Prof. Veronique VAN ACKER, University of Amsterdam

(5) 17:10~17:20     Discussion on the talk by Assis. Prof. Veronique VAN ACKER

Prof. Kay W. AXHAUSEN, IVT, ETH Zurich

(6) 17:20~18:00  Open discussion


July 22 (Wednesday), 11:00 ~ 13:00

(1) 11:00~11:05  Summary of discussion on July 20

Prof. Junyi ZHANG, Hiroshima University

(2) 11:05~11:25  Resource Paper: Understanding changing travel behavior

over the life course: Contributions from biographical research

Assoc. Prof. Joachim SCHEINER, Dortmund University of Technology

Assoc. Prof. Kiron CHATTERJEE, University of the West of England

(3) 11:25~11:35     Discussion on the Resource Paper

Prof. Patricia L. MOKHTARIAN, Georgia Institute of Technology

(4) 11:35~11:55  Raising Big Questions (2): Choice context in travel behavior models

Prof. Konstadinos G. GOULIAS, University of California, Santa Barbara

(5) 11:55~12:05     Discussion on the talk by Prof. Konstadinos G. GOULIAS

Prof. Donggen WANG, Hong Kong Baptist University

(6) 12:05~12:15  Discussant to the whole workshop

Prof. Martin LANZENDORF, Goethe University Frankfurt

(7) 12:15~13:00  Open discussion