Ookayama Campus, Midorigaoka Bldg. No. 5,Room1F, Meeting Room, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

The 11th TSU (Transport Studies Unit) Seminar: Managing the Repositioning Problem in Bike-Sharing Systems

The 2nd International Seminar of Committee of Infrastructure Planning and Management, JSCE in FY2013
2013年度土木計画学研究委員会 第2回国際セミナー(通算 第80回国際セミナー)

The 11th TokyoTech TSU (Transport Studies Unit) Seminar

Date: May 23 (Thu.) 2013 16:00-17:30

Venue: Tokyo Institute of Technology, Ookayama Campus, Midorigaoka Bldg. No. 5, Room1F, Meeting Room
(8 min walk from Midorigaoka station of Tokyu Ooimachi-line)

Sperker: Dr. Panagiotis Angeloudis氏
(Lecturer at Imperial College London,
Director of the Port Operations Research and Technology Centre)

Title: Managing the Repositioning Problem in Bike-Sharing Systems

概要:The presence of enough bicycles and free docking points to satisfy user demands in stations is a known operational issue in bicycle-sharing schemes. Empty and full stations in such systems are equally undesirable and disruptive for the operation of the network, since the former turn away potential users while the latter could not be used to terminate bicycle journeys. Repositioning practices have been used in the past to address this situation with partial success. This study introduces a new planning approach for such activities, addressing both routing and assignment aspects of bicycle repositioning using a fleet of carrier vehicles. A case study on bicycle usage patterns from a large bicycle-sharing scheme is carried out; examples are also provided that demonstrate the behaviour of the algorithm. Implementation concerns and means to improve computational performance are also discussed.

Note: Towards the end of the seminar (or privately), Dr. Panageotis could also talk about some of his ongoing work on infrastructure resilience.