TokyoTech TSU Seminar "Challenging Issues on Transport Studies"

The 18th International Seminar of Committee of Infrastructure Planning and Management, JSCE in FY2012
2012年度土木計画学研究委員会 第18回国際セミナー(通算 第76回国際セミナー)

東京工業大学TSU(Transport Studies Unit)では,以下の要領で 2月28日午後に国際セミナーを開催致します.本セミナーは,東工大 TSUに所属する各研究グループの主要研究テーマ発表,並びに, 国内外からの招聘研究者による講演によって構成されております.

特に今回は,デンマーク工科大学のモーンス フォスグロゥ教授, 並びに,京都大学の文世一教授より基調講演を行って頂くことと なっております.

年度末のお忙しい時期ではございますが,興味ある多くの方々からの ご参加をお待ち申し上げております.

TSU Seminar “Challenging Issues on Transport Studies”

1. 日時: 2013年2月28日(木曜) 13時-18時半
Date: 13:00-18:30PM, February 28 (Thu), 2013

2. 主催: 東京工業大学イノベーション研究推進体
Organizer: TokyoTech Transport Studies Unit (TSU)

後援: 土木学会土木計画学研究委員会(国際セミナー)
Support: Infrastructure Planning Committee, JSCE
Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies (EASTS)
Association for Planning and Transportation Studies (APTS)

3. 会場: TokyoTechフロント「ロイヤルブルーホール」
[〒152-0033 東京都目黒区大岡山2丁目12-1 東工大蔵前会館内]
(東急目黒線/大井町線大岡山駅 徒歩1分)
Venue: Royal Blue Hall, TokyoTech Front
[Ookayama 2-12-1, Meguro-ku, 1520033 Tokyo, Japan]
(1 minute walk from Ookayama Station,
Tokyu Meguro/Oimachi Lines)

4. プログラム (Program, all presentations done in English)

13:00-13:05 (5 min.)
Opening Remarks / Daisuke FUKUDA (Associate Professor, TokyoTech)
13:05-13:15 (10 min.)
Activities of TSU / Tetsuo YAI (Professor, TokyoTech)

(Session 1: City, Environment and Institution)

13:15-13:35 (20 min.)
“Innovative infrastructure planning process in Japanese communicative culture”
/ Tetsuo YAI (Professor, TokyoTech)
13:35-13:55 (20 min.)
“Development of cycling simulator for traffic safety analysis”
/ Mio SUZUKI (Assistant Professor, TokyoTech)
13:55-14:15 (20 min.)
“Airport capacity expansion and mitigation of aircraft noise impacts in Tokyo metropolitan area”
/ Terumitsu HIRATA (Adjunct Associate Professor, TokyoTech)
14:15-14:35 (20 min.)
“Transport and climate change in Japan: Current status”
/ Yasunori MUROMACHI (Associate Professor, TokyoTech)

(Session 2: Safety and Security)

14:35-14:55 (20 min.)
“Real-time crash prediction model for urban expressways”
/ Dr. Moinul HOSSAIN
(Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Toronto, Canada) 14:55-15:15 (20 min.)
“Behavioural data collection for disaster risk evaluation”
/ Yasuo ASAKURA (Professor, TokyoTech) and Takahiko KUSAKABE (Assistant Professor, Tokyo Tech)


(Session 3: Travel Time Variability)

15:30-16:10 [Special Invited Lecture 1] (40 min.)
“Economic evaluation of travel time variability”
/ Professor Mogens FOSGERAU (Technical University of Denmark)

[Note] Dr. Mogens Fosgerau is a professor of economics at Department for Transport, Technical University of Denmark. His areas of research include micro-economics and micro-econometrics applied to problems in transportation, in particular to issues concerning time, reliability and congestion. He has contributed to the econometrics of discrete choice emphasising the problem of recovering the distribution of latent variables such as the value of travel time from observed choices. He has also worked on the value of reliability, providing a foundation for this concept in scheduling preferences. His most recent research area is policies to regulate urban congestion during demand peaks. He is a founding editor of Economics of Transportation.

16:10-16:30 (20 min.)
“The value of reliability for headway-based transit in Paris”
/ Assistant Professor Nicolas COULOMBEL (Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, France)
16:30-16:50 (20 min.)
“Japanese update of the valuation of travel time variability”
/ Daisuke FUKUDA (Associate Professor, TokyoTech)

(Session 4: Aviation and International Logistics)

16:50-17:30 [Special Invited Lecture 2] (40 min.)
“Port competition and welfare effect of privatization”
/ Professor Se-il MUN (Kyoto University)
17:30-17:50 (20 min.)
“Airline-airport cooperation in liberalized aviation market”
/ Batari Saraswati (Doctoral Student, TokyoTech) and Shinya Hanaoka (Associate Professor, TokyoTech)
17:50-18:30 (40 min.)
Comprehensive Discussion and Concluding Remarks
/ Yasuo ASAKURA (Professor, TokyoTech)

5. 申し込み方法 (How to apply):
「ご所属,お名前,連絡先Email」  の情報をお知らせ下さい.質問等も併せて受け付けます.


Please send the participant’s information (Name, affiliation, and the contact email address) to Dr. Daisuke FUKUDA ( Any inquiry about the seminar are also welcomed.

6. 関連情報(Relevant information):  翌日の3月1日-2日には,TSU国際ワークショップ “Transport Networks under Hazardous Conditions” (会場:砂防会館,別途案内)も開催されますので,興味ある方は併せてご参加頂けますよう,お願い申し上げます.
International Workshop on Transport Networks under Hazardous Conditions Dates: 1st-2nd March 2013
Venue: Sabo Kaikan, Tokyo, Japan
(Address: 2-7-5, Hirakawa-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0093)