Jin-Yu Hall, Katsura Campus, Kyoto University

International Seminar on Humanitarian Logistics and Emergency Management

The 16th International Seminar of Committee of Infrastructure Planning and Management, JSCE in FY2012
2012年度土木計画学研究委員会 第16回国際セミナー(通算 第74回国際セミナー)

Seminar Title: International Seminar on Humanitarian Logistics and Emergency Management

Date: 9:00 – 16:30, November 6, 2012

Venue: Jin-Yu Hall, Katsura Campus, Kyoto University

Seminar Description:
Disasters both natural and man-made have significantly affected population across the world. Consequently, substantial efforts have been made to create societies that are disaster resilient. Humanitarian logistics being a key process towards disaster resilience, have gained significant attention from researchers and practitioners in the field. The purpose of the seminar is to bring an opportunity for multi-disciplinary researchers and practitioners to discuss and exchange ideas on:
– Past disaster experiences and lessons learnt
– Issues and challenges in humanitarian logistics
– Modeling techniques
– Emergency management, response and recovery
– Risk management strategies

The overall objective is to explore innovative yet practical research ideas that can strengthen humanitarian logistics system.

9:00 Prof. Eiichi Taniguchi (Kyoto University) Welcome Address
9:10 Prof. Eiichi Taniguchi (Kyoto University) The relief supply distribution in the Tohoku disasters
10:00 Break
10:15 Prof. Kenji Ono (Kyoto University) An impact of the east Japan great earthquake on the local and global logistics
11:05 Mr. Motohisa Abe (National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management) Emergency relief logistics supported by the maritime sector at the East Japan Great Earthquake – operations and challenges
11:55 Lunch Break
14:00 Dr. Russell G. Thompson (Monash University) Recovery of road freight networks after disasters
14:50 Break
15:05 Dr. Rojee Pradhananga (Kyoto University) Risk management in hazardous material transportation
15:45 Mr. Andie Pramudita (Kyoto University) Application of debris collection operation after disasters model case study: Tokyo metropolitan area hazard maps
16:25 Dr. Russell G. Thompson (Monash University) Closing Remarks

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