Attitudes and Value of Time Heterogeneity

The 10th International Seminar of Committee of Infrastructure Planning and Management, JSCE in FY2012
2012年度土木計画学研究委員会 第10回国際セミナー(通算 第68回国際セミナー)
第5回東京工業大学TSU (Transport Studies Unit)セミナー



講師:Maya Abou-Zeid氏 (American University of Beirut 講師,MIT-ITSプログラム研究員)

講演タイトル:Attitudes and Value of Time Heterogeneity (態度と時間価値異質性の関連性)

There is ample evidence showing a high level of heterogeneity of values of time among travelers.
Previous studies have represented this heterogeneity by a distribution such as lognormal whose parameters depend on covariates like income, trip purpose, and mode of travel.
We present and demonstrate a model where the distribution of the value of time also depends on attitudes towards travel. Attitudes are latent, or unobservable, and their distribution determines the conditional distribution of the value of time given the observable covariates such as income. We illustrate this model using data from a stated preferences survey. The estimation results show that as expected the median value of time increases with income and that the variability of value of time also increases with income reflecting the greater effect that the attitude towards travel has for high income groups.

東京工業大学大学院理工学研究科 福田大輔