A531, Engineering Building, Gifu University (岐阜大学工学部A棟 A531室)

Public Transport in the Era of ITS 「ITS時代の公共交通」

2012年度土木計画学研究委員会 第2回国際セミナー(通算 第60回国際セミナー)

Public Transport in the Era of ITS 「ITS時代の公共交通」

Date: 11th, May, 2012 13:00 – 17:30

Venue: A531, Engineering Building, Gifu University (岐阜大学工学部A棟A531室)

The challenge of sustainability is facing calls for a shift of the demand for mobility from individual to collective means of transport.
Hence more attractive public transport systems are required, above all in urban contexts.
Since a shortage of funds for public transport is envisaged for the next years, efforts are needed to allocate money in the most effective and efficient way. Transit assignment models describe and predict the patterns of network usage by passengers, which are a fundamental input for transport planning. The models currently used do not take adequately into consideration the effects on transit operations and on passenger behaviour brought about by increasingly advanced and widespread Intelligent Transportation Systems, nor do they exploit to the full the amount of high quality data made available by such new technologies.
This deficiency can delay the realisation of the benefits of enhanced passenger information provision.

Currently the European Union is providing funding to a number of researchers to discuss how these challenges can be addressed. This workshop is aiming to bridge the gap to research conducted in Japan.
We invite interested persons to contribute or participate in this workshop. Contributions that address advances in our understanding of passenger behaviour, passenger flow modelling, processing and use of smart card data or other related topics are welcome.

Tentative list of speakers:
1.Mike Bell : Overview of COST Action TU1004 “Public transport assignment in the era of ITS”
2.Valentina Trozzi : Stop models and dynamic transit assignment
3.Achille Fonzone : A regret / bounded rationality approach for passenger route choice
4.Jan-Dirk Schmoecker : Population uptake of sustainable transport
5.Hiroshi Shimamoto and Fumitaka Kurauchi: Transit behaviour analysis using smartcard data
6.Hironori Kato: Rail demand forecasting on Tokyo Metropolitan area
7.Takahiko Kusakabe and Yasuo Asakura: Estimation of behavioural change of railway passengers using smart card data
8.Daisuke Fukuda and Hideki Yaginuma: A large scale application of a hyperpath based railway route assignment model considering congestion effects to Tokyo Metropolitan Area
9.Daisuke Fukuda and Jiangshan Ma: Hyperpath and route guidance

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