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2011年度土木計画学研究委員会 第18回国際セミナー



発表者:Anthony Chin シンガポール国立大学准教授


会場:海事センタービル 7階 701・702会議室




問い合わせ先:川崎智也(日本海事センター 研究員)
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Political events and Ports Reforms: Testing for Structure Break in Chinese Ports Throughput Development
Dong Yang Anthony Chin Shun Chen

Chinese ports has been witnessed a series of international or domestic economics and political events. In addition, after China inaugurated its policy of economic reform and openness at 1978, a succession of reform measures have been introduced to ports in the subsequent thirty years. This range from decentralization, corporatization to privatization in an effort to promote the growing economy and port efficiency. This paper attempts to identify and interpret the impacts on evolution of traffic level of Chinese ports and sets out to identify the relative contributions of economic reform, political events and port legislation through applying structural break.
Findings suggest that foreign trade triggers the Chinese port throughput, especially foreign and coastal throughput. The development of port throughputs in return leads to an increase in domestic retail sales (or domestic demand) while port investment lags behind the rise of port throughput. The development of Chinese ports maritime traffics was affected by multiple shocks. The political, economic events like the Great Leap Forward affected Chinese ports throughput greatly in addition to the level of foreign trade and retail sales. The ports reform policies and infrastructure development did not have an important impact on port throughput but rather events such as China’s accession to WTO. It affirms the role of transport infrastructure as subject to derived demand, enablers and facilitators of trade and economic growth.