京都大学 吉田キャンパス 総合研究2号館 3F ケーススタディ演習室

Rodney Smith准教授 特別講演会

2011年度土木計画学研究委員会 第6回国際セミナー
6th International Seminar of Committee of Infrastructure Planning and Management in FY 2011

場所:京都大学 吉田キャンパス 総合研究2号館 3F ケーススタディ演習室

講演者:Rodney Smith氏(アメリカ・ミネソタ大学応用経済学部 准教授)

タイトル: “On the Flow and Stock Values of non-Market Natural Resources:
Theory and Practical Considerations”

A recent UNEP report (TEEB) concluded the current set of valuation tools is ill-equipped to measure the value of ecosystem services in macroeconomic settings. This project uses water resources in Japan to illustrate the hurdles one encounters when trying to measure the economic value of a natural asset as pervasive as water, and the steps one can take to overcome them. In telling this story, I lay out a dynamic, general equilibrium model of economic growth. With this model,
I discuss how we typically link IO data to the model, and point out (non-market) water has no role in such a framework. I suggest (a possibly obvious) remedy to this problem, and present simulation results based on 2005 Japanese IO data. I then discuss how we use the results to calculate the stock values of water over time. I conclude with a brief discussion of extending the model to accommodate ecosystem services – where an ecosystem is described by one or more dynamic stock variables.