京都大学 総合研究2号館3階 マルチメディア演習室

Jonathan L. Gifford教授講演会

2010年度土木計画学研究委員会第15回国際セミナー ジョージメイソン大学 Jonathan L. Gifford教授講演会 この度,京都大学大学院工学研究科 低炭素都市圏政策ユニットの活動の一環といたしましてジョージメイソン大学・公共政策学部のJonathan L. Gifford教授(専門:交通政策)をお招きし,下記の通りに講演会を開催いたします. ■ 日 時:23年2月18日(金) 17時30分より ■ 講演者:Jonathan L. Gifford教授 (ジョージメイソン大学・公共政策学部教授,研究担当副学長兼務) ■ 講演題目:”The Financial Crossroads in the U.S. Surface Infrastructure Policy” ■ 講演概要: U.S. surface infrastructure policy is near deadlock. The interstate highway program, and the Highway Trust Fund that provided the federal financing for its construction, is essentially bankrupt, having required $35 billion in the last 2 years to remain solvent. Revenue growth has stalled because of increasing fuel efficiency. State financing is also facing a dim outlook. Thus, public funding for highway system expansion is virtually non-existent. Most existing funding is consumed with maintenance and rehabilitation. The newly elected Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives has no interest in raising gas taxes, and indeed seeks to cut spending governmentwide. Private finance has made some promising inroads in the last two decades. But there are substantial barriers to investment — political, financial and institutional. The primary U.S. surface transportation statute expired on September 30, 2009, and has only been extended temporarily, giving states no long-term federal financial commitment to use in planning multi-year construction and improvement programs. Experts and interest groups agree that the traditional program is badly in need of reform to make it more focused on performance, transparency and accountability. Yet doing so with flat or reduced budgets poses enormous challenges. However, difficult challenges also sometimes force consideration of alternatives that would normally be out of the question. Washington is awash in bold proposals for program reform, including streamlining, devolution, and rethinking the locus of responsibility and authority for future highway and transit investment. ■ 会 場:吉田キャンパス 総合研究2号館3階 マルチメディア演習室 ( ※総合研究2号館は百万遍の門から入って南を向いて左手(旧化学系)の建物です. ※小演習室1は「ロ」の字型の建物の東側にございます. 本件に関するご質問は,塩見(までお願いいたします.