京都大学桂キャンパスCクラスター 172教室

Dr. Anke Haarmann and Professor Harald Lemke


題目:Participatory Town Planning in Cooperation with Artists and Philosophers
講師:Dr. Anke Haarmann and Professor Harald Lemke
日時:2010年5月14日(金) 午後4時30分~6時
場所: 京都大学桂キャンパスCクラスター 172教室


Metropolises worldwide are searching for solutions to the challenges created by global warming and the need to secure better standards of urban life.
Possible strategies are usually designed by urban planners and implemented from the top down. Can master planning be the only proper approach when issues of a socially and economically fair future are at stake and when committed urban citizens would like to see their local expertise taken into account? Based on the complex relationship between “urban culture”, the lecture will present and discuss examples of cooperative planning processes, artistic interventions and philosophical reflections, examining how sustainable urban development could shape up to include citizens and local actors. (


Anke Haarmann is philosopher and scholar in cultural studies, works also as curator and conceptual artist. At the Leuphana University of Lueneburg in Germany she researches on visual culture and she wrote her doctoral thesis on the postmodern notion of knowledge and nature. Furthermore since 1998 she presents her art works at international exhibitions and film festivals, among others, Yamagata Documentary Film Festival (Japan), Palazzo delle Papesse Siena (Italien), MAK Schindler Los Angeles (USA)

Harald Lemke, works as philosopher and curator; teaches at the Institute for Cultural Theory, Culture Research and Arts at Leuphana University in Lueneburg, Germany. 2010 Visiting Professor at the University of Human Environments Okazaki, Japan. 2007 Visiting Professor at the East China Normal University in Shanghai, China. 2006 Habilitation, 1999 PhD in Philosophy. Fellow of the Jan van Eyck Academy for Fine Art, Design and Theory in Maastricht, Netherlands. He studied philosophy and history at the University of Hamburg, Konstanz and Berkeley.