Carrying Out the “COVID-19 Behavior and Attitude Survey” and Report on Its Results (Preliminary Report)

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Given that the significant long-term social impact of the COVID-19 pandemic can be likened to that of a disaster, the Committee of Infrastructure Planning and Management has decided to conduct an online disaster survey. The results of the 10th survey have now been tabulated and are reported below.

In addition, the survey results (simple and cross-tabulation tables) and the raw data of the survey are available to anyone who satisfies the conditions of use. Please follow the steps below to download the file.

Purpose of the survey

To understand the impact of the spread of COVID-19 and the government’s request to its citizens to refrain from social and economic activities related to transportation, as well as urban, social, and economic activities, and to collect basic data with which to propose national land and urban planning, industrial structural policy, and transportation and logistics policy in light of that impact, potentially contributing to mitigation of damage and ensuring resilience against pandemics.


Committee of Infrastructure Planning and Management, Japan Society of Civil Engineers

The Survey


Online survey (in cooperation with Survey Research Center, Co. Ltd.)


1st  Survey   May 21–24, 2020
2nd Survey   October 9–19, 2020
3rd  Survey   January 22–28, 2021
4th  Survey   August 20–29, 2021
5th  Survey   December 9–17, 2021
6th  Survey   February 18–24, 2022
7th  Survey   June 21–28, 2022
8th  Survey   August 1–9, 2022
9th  Survey   December 15–23, 2022
10th Survey  July 14–25, 2023


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Variable definitions and meanings (xlsx) <Link>